Russell Videtzky
Russell VidetzkyAs a stylist, I often have clients ask me to help them find their "look". I don't believe I find your "look" - I create it.

I have been creating looks for over 35 years and have had the pleasure of styling and instructing all over the world from South Africa, to London, Germany, Austria, Spain, Greece, France, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, Finland, Scotland, Buenos Aires, and many major cities in North America. Throughout my career I have sharpened my talents and broadened my experience.

Many people discover their talent and passion on accident - some may even begin their calling later in life. But luckily, I found my road early on, and have only done hair as a vocation. After learning my art from my mother. Estelle, a master stylist, I started my first salon called "The Spot" in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was a tremendous success for the next 12 years and continues to thrive today.

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